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About us

Virtual Back Office Management

Operations for Ndb3Consulting are handled by Dominique Rowland. He is a US Army Combat Medic who branched into nursing as a civilian. He began utilizing technology to market the agency he worked for, and soon gained proficiency as a graphic designer and software developer.

Dominique Rowland


The various aspects of running a business can be overwhelming even for the most adept entrepreneur. Securing contracts can be its own challenge. Not long after that, filings are due, payroll needs to be run and before you know, it’s tax season.

Ndb3Consulting provides one-stop business development services and operations support for the proprietor who needs that helping hand. We do not offer to assume every aspect of your business.

Our mission is to assist, only where needed. We take the same approach with our enterprise clients, offering the right solution, based on well-defined requirements. Our strong suit is attention to detail.


Accounting & Finance

New Hires, Payroll, HR Services

Allow yourself more room to breathe. We’ll work together to reconcile your accounting and streamline your process..

Technology Services

From Startup to Enterprise Level

We have resources, staff and strategic partners in place to help each of our clients maximize their operational growth potential.