Be careful with your thoughts. Be even more careful with your words. The idea that you can exert a degree of control over your circumstances is not a new one. It may be scientifically difficult to prove, but ultimately the averages will win. The way you think, the things you say, they are all programming your subconscious mind to respond. You are triggering results that do not make themselves known until they manifest. That means you won’t notice until you see it play out.

The strongest element is your true belief system. If we were talking religion I’d say faith, but the results you see are usually something you’ve verbalized once or twice.

There are many factors which can determine an outcome. Expectation is the heaviest of them all.

Your subconscious mind does not know you’re joking. It takes you at your word. So be careful which seeds you plant there. It’s just as easy to bear fruit as it is to sprout weeds.

Those who learn to harness this technique find that their potential is limitless. The old adage of “Mind over matter” very much applies. We’ve just been taught in recent years to keep our heads down, turn off our thoughts and become a part of the industrial landscape. However, if you are sincere about maintaining balance, contributing to the team’s success and your own, it will happen. Just speak it into existence. Visualize and then verbalize your own best case scenario.