Many factors have played into employers not being able to fill positions. Political minded individuals will complain about stimulus packages, while others will tell you that being locked down on COVID restrictions stimulated a period of true reflection. It’s likely that both factors and others not being mention have played into it. Whatever the reason, people are re-prioritizing their lives in a way that no longer favors the “rat race” mentality.

It’s a simple market shift, like anything else, a question of supply vs. demand.

Lack of business is one thing, but no startup or small business should have to close down for lack of employees. The entire sector is known for innovation and breaking from the normative way of doing things.

Here are a few ideas on how to get ahead of the hiring issue.

1) Profit Sharing: People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. The best way to establish that is to offer a share in the company profits. Of course you’ll have to choose the right personalities, but this works, even in a restaurant. The dishes you wash are your dishes. The floor you sweep is your floor. No job is too menial for an owner. A good profit sharing plan will encourage workers to take ownership.

2) Community Outreach: Sponsoring the local sports team is a great way to make impressions. Still get more creative. The accountant who gives free tax preparation classes, The chef who teaches specialty dishes on YouTube, The gym that offers free personal training on slow days, are all using community outreach effectively. Making the right impressions will help you to gain business and employees.

3) Employee Recognition: Treating people with respect is probably the most important list item. You may not be able to offer profit sharing, or you may be too busy to reach out consistently to the masses. It always helps when you gain the respect of your staff (or crew). Do this by recognizing their individual needs and highlighting their strengths. Accentuate the positive to cultivate an environment that fosters retention.

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