For some, the initial days of the COVID-19 pandemic seemed more like a vacation. Employees were encouraged to stay home to avoid Coronavirus. Eventually “shelter in place” was mandated and employers were faced with a new paradigm. The lockdown, for most, will be remembered for its abrupt onset. Suddenly ZOOM meetings became the norm. Work from home became the expectation. As employers now try venturing into hybrid (home vs. on-site) models, some are taking the idea further.

A Hybrid Lifestyle centers around the question: How much of your week do you even want to devote to working?

The pandemic, if nothing else, is an era of self reflection. People have had time to contemplate aspects of their lives that were not fulfilling. They are returning to school with purpose. Society’s material decadence has all but evaporated for many. There’s more emphasis being placed on what’s necessary. These are personal choices made by individuals. Companies have begun to match this dynamic by reducing operating hours. Restaurants are limiting menu items. Society is being remade from the ground up. The next thing to watch for are these changes being reflected at the industrial level. This may be evidenced first by reduced service offerings, as well as the adoption of A.I. / Automation technologies.

Where do you fit into all this? Are you a full time employee, contractor, or perhaps good at recruiting? The current market is allowing people room to reinvent. It’s a great time to find your real purpose and hopefully after that, a position based on what truly interests you.